Whether you need to electroplate a high or small volume of parts, our experience and equipment guarantee consistency and performance.

From decorative final finishes to base layers, Supershine Industries can get the job done. We can also help clients in need of finishes such as physical vapor deposition (PVD) by using electroplating as a base layer.

At Supershine Industries, we’re experts in plating on acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and ABS/Polycarbonate blends and know exactly how to pretreat plastics to ensure a perfect metal bond. Our Return Type lines allow us to pre-program cycles and easily manage even high volume jobs. Our system ensures consistent results on low to high volume jobs, and minimizes scrap rates.

It also enables us to precisely electroplate everything from small, delicate pieces to larger items in using our copper-nickel-chrome process.

Our decorative plating on plastic techniques allow for intriguing, eye-catching design. We know exactly how to work with popular materials such as ABS and PC-ABS plastics – popular materials due to their light weight, versatility, and corrosion-resistance. That means even complex components are cost-effective to mass-produce, without sacrificing quality.