We strive to allow only the highest quality parts to leave our facility. It’s just that simple.

Every piece we produce is 100% inspected by trained and certified inspectors before it is placed in its box. It’s important to work closely with our clients at the beginning of a job to establish visual standards for what is and is not acceptable. We also check in while the job is ongoing to ensure that those standards are being met at every stage of production. In addition to customer standards and gauging, we employ and recommend additional testing criteria during production. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients in an effort to drive scrap rates down.

We carefully monitor defect rates. Should we encounter any issues, we make sure to let our customers know promptly and provide solutions to the issue. Minimizing costly re-inspection after plating is a priority for our clients – and for our team. We also provide additional product auditing when elevated standards are required.