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At Supershine industries Plating quality is more than a word. It’s a promise to our clients and ourselves to deliver the best products and service possible.

Our Services

We offer a spectrum of electroplating services, including selective plating, in a variety of finishes. Supershine Industries is proud to serve industries including automotive OEMs as a medium to high-volume decorative electro-plating on plastic. We are committed to providing the best quality product and excellent customer service at a competitive rate.

From the first moment we talk with a client, to the moment their product leaves our shop, our team is dedicated to excellence. If that means engineering new ways to plate a piece to client specifications, or working overtime on a rush order, we do what it takes to deliver. It’s been that way at Supershine Industries for over 20 years, and it’s what’s made us India’s premier, fully automated electroplating shop.

Supershine Industries was founded over 20 years ago by Suresh Shah with a commitment to providing excellent products and exceptional service to our clients. Our company has symbolized that commitment since the beginning. It represents strength, clarity, beauty, and our drive to be the best we can each and every day. Over the years, thanks to a dedicated staff and hard work, this vision was realized. These days, the next generation of the family is proud to continue the mission that our founders set forth.